Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quilt (ON) My Phone.

No. Really. There is a quilt on my phone. Isn't there one on YOUR phone?! If there is not a quilt on your phone, there should be.

Let us state clearly that I am the proud parent of a very vivacious three year old that REALLY likes to throw things and a 10 month old that thoroughly enjoys teething on technology. By technology I do indeed mean my cell phone. Honestly, I don't really know how the little bugger gets it. He is like a ninja - swift and silent - and very, very drooly.

A few months ago, okay, so maybe more like almost a year ago... Cathleen from Quilt My Phone had told me to let her know what phone I wound up with. I cannot believe it has been a year! Good grief! Well, I himmmed and hawwwed about which phone I REALLY wanted and wound up with the spiffy Samsung Galaxy S III. I caved. It really is an awesome phone, however this is not a blog post about my phone. Well, kind of.

A few days later, this showed up on my doorstep. Literally. I was carrying the baby in from the truck and almost stepped on it. Silly postman.

As I mentioned, I have two small children. They are rough on expensive things like phones... (hence why we have the plan with the free phone replacement...). I am NOT the most graceful of gals and tend to stumble and drop things (again another reason why we have the plan with free phone replacement...) I have bounce tested my phone in this case in the house - both on carpet and hardwood, in the driveway - both on the cement and in a rather large pile of leaves, walking down the street with the fore mentioned three year old - it was stepped on in this instance (WHOOPS!) and totally lived!!! It was dropped from my parent's back porch - about 35 feet up... long drop, long story. It has fallen off the roof of the truck - luckily it bounced out of the way of the tires...

So, seriously. You should go have your phone quilted. I am rough on phones. I am not gentle. I am not overly cautious, I wont keep it on a leash. Both my phone and my case have survived everything they have gone through together and have remained together AND undamaged.

Now. The next choice is to figure out which one I want next... Quilt (ON) My Phone that is!

*Disclaimer: These opinions are my own. I was not asked for them, paid for them, or asked to dance a jig for them. I do love chatting with Cathleen - both via email: and on twitter: @quiltmyphone

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  1. I don't have a fancy phone or anything but I just have to say this. That is ONE CUTE BABY!!!


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