Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mission: Organization pt. 1

Part One: Acknowledging and Admitting the Weakness

I am horribly disorganized. There. That bit is out in the open. I have TONS of great ideas, TONS of trains running on how to get organized, but alas, they all become more than a bit derailed. This week I have been really focusing on getting organized and writing down all the ideas I have to make it happen. Yesterday, I took the plunge. Yes, it has carried over into today as well. I know I have a very long, very difficult battle with making this happen, but I am so tired of the stress and anxiety that comes with not being organized in my home, my crafting, and our family finances. It is even more imperative that I force coerce my husband into being organized with me. It is quite difficult to maintain organization all by one's self when in reality there are two able bodied adults in this household.

To begin with, no more going to bed with dishes from dinner or the day in the sink. Getting up to a dirty kitchen just sets my day spinning in the wrong orbit  way too early in the day. Also, all dirty clothes will be taken out to the laundry every morning. No more days of laundry piled in baskets waiting to go out. I have two capable feet and two capable arms with fully functional hands on the ends of each. And lo and behold, so does my husband. We CAN do these two things.

This week I will be creating a cleaning schedule. Have I mentioned that I really don't like cleaning? It doesn't evoke a sense of catharsis for me. It is definitely not enjoyable (no joke - I heave each time I clean a toilet - I have no idea why, it just happens), however the feeling of accomplishment when I have scrubbed down the bathroom (toilet too!) seriously outweighs the thought of being embarrassed if someone comes to visit and has to use said bathroom.

Over the last couple of days I have been pouring over Pinterest, using the search feature, going through the boards of bloggers, mommies, and whomever else has anything that is labeled as "organization" of some sort or another. I never would have thought to axe the classic filing system - you know - the ugly filing cabinet that you are constantly buying hanging folders for?! - and put everything in a binder for the year. Ever. On Friday I made us a 2013 household binder modeled after the one found here. I added a tab for menu planning and household/property projects as well as another for automobile servicing/upkeep.

This week, I will be planning my personal monthly goals - including crafting outside of my comfort zone, wading through all of my crafting supplies (let me tell you, there will be tears!), and getting a real plan of action around getting healthy written down, blogged, and a crew of peeps to help hold me accountable. I also want to have a running list of what bags, quilts, clothing I'd like to make. And yes, I am doing all of this old school with a pen, pencil, and paper. I have found that if I write it down, it is much more likely to get done. Not if I type it into a list, but actually write it down in one of the two notebooks that are ALWAYS in my handbag, on my laptop, on my table, kitchen counter, night stand, etc.

Tomorrow I will be fancying up a bulletin board for the kitchen/dining room/next to the back door/strange space that is ugly to hold an envelope for coupons, our monthly family calendar that has appointments and birthdays on it, and our meal planning calendar. If you don't meal plan, you really should. I mean REALLY should. We save so much $$ when we shop for meat when it is on sale and plan out how we are going to use it. This week I will be working on a blog post about this... a real post, with real ideas and real links to awesome recipes. Tomorrow I will also be sharing with the world wide web some reflections of a cell phone case (It would have been done already, but I lost my camera - yes, I misplaced my fancy Cannon - yes I found it. THANK GOODNESS!!!)

So, friends, readers, haters, whomever... be ready to be my sounding board and my "holding you accountable" committee.

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  1. Oh Boy Jacqueline!
    Was I happy to read this post or what!!! I am the ungracious witch who received your super beautiful sweet pouch (in the swap) & then never sat down & wrote you a proper thank you message. I've scoffed all the chocolates (before I even had a chance to take a picture of them !) and cant believe I've lived without salty chocolate caramel all this time !! Then you mailed me & I never replied because I was going to make it a great big long reply ...but I never quite got around to it.
    So here I am - sooooo delighted to hear your disorganised (or maybe you've cleaned up your act since Jan !!!) Lets become great, great blogging friends, believe it or not I USED to be organised once!!! Off to hunt you down on Pinterest & Facebook & Twitter & HEY !
    Please forgive me & Big hugs from Ireland !!

    Siubhan x x x x @CraftLee


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