Wednesday, November 7, 2012

For Brenda

You know, as a crafter and sewist I always dreamed of having someone who honestly wanted to buy something that I made. Not just someone buying it to be nice, but because they fell in love with it. It happened once - a total fluke. Some lady offered to buy my handbag (like my third one that IMO was NOT the best constructed - which I pointed out) so, I sold it to her, right there on the spot. I dumped everything in my into a grocery sack. The nice lady's eyes bout popped out of her head when she saw how much I had in it... I was mortified, she was impressed! I told her $40, she handed me $60 and told me I deserved it. Awesome day. Shopped with a grocery sack as a handbag for the rest of the day. (I just happened to be in Petaluma at the Outlets... hahaha!)

Well. It happened again a couple weeks ago. My friend Brenda saw my handbag and wanted it. On the spot. Offered me cash. I couldn't part with that particular one, but I did tell her if she was serious I would make her one. She said text me what you're thinking for fabric. Well, after getting over my severe anxiety, I did just that. I had some gorgeous Sis Boom laying stashed in the cupboard and I knew she would love it. When I texted her the picture, her "I love it! What are you making??" sealed the deal (she is one of those gals that basically very bluntly will tell you when you have lipstick on your teeth). When I responded with "your handbag" she sent back a "oooooooo yay...awesome!" It was a little exhilarating to have someone excited to BUY something I was making.

So, for Brenda:

I cannot wait to see her for delivery! Come on, Friday!!

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  1. I can see why they wanted your hand bag. That is beautiful!


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